Adjudicated and complete investigation accident reports may be obtained in three ways.

  • On the web, go to: There is a report fee and a small additional convenience fee.
  • Come to the Lander County Sheriff’s Office located at 2 State Route 305, Battle Mountain, Nevada 89820. There is a report fee for each copy of the report.
  • Mail a written request to Lander County Sheriff’s Office, Post Office Box 1625, Battle Mountain, Nevada 89820. There is a report fee for each copy of the report that must be included with the request. Your request must include;
    • Case Number, OR
    • At least one of the driver’s names
    • The location of the accident

Your report will cost $10.00 payable by Cashiers check, Unites State Postal Money Order or Cash. Cash is accepted in the office only, DO NOT send cash through the mail.

Please allow 10 to 14 days from the date of filing your report to pick it up, as reports must be approved prior to being released.

Eligibility of documents depends on case status or the type of case. Reports where the matter is under investigation, court action is pending, juveniles are involved, the incident classification involves confidential health information, or the report is classified as confidential or private by policy or law.

Fatal accidents require other forms or documents prior to being released. These reports may take longer or require more than one visit before they can be released to you.


If you are unable to provide necessary information to immediately locate an accident report, or you are requesting multiple unrelated reports, your request will be processed as a Public Records Request.  Public Records Requests involve additional fees for research and compiling.